This year Images of Youth is proud to present Global Voices from Indonesia, showcasing work submitted by Kampungh Halaman, a non-profit Indonesian organization, founded in April 2006. Kampungh Halaman fosters the use of audio/visual tools through popular, community-based programs, and works with young people as agents of transformational, societal change toward a better world. Too often, through film and television, youth are just consumers of other culture’s realities that distance them from their actual environment, effacing their sensitivity and attachment to the community, and, in the end, rendering them powerless. Believing that young people are the key to moving society forward, Kampungh Halaman provides media tools, and training for Indonesian youth to empower them as makers of their own realities. Through the camera lens, young people document conditions and issues within their own community, revealing the daily lives of their own people, and raising discussions aimed at the betterment of community and family life. Presented here are four recently made films from youth in several Indonesian communities made possible by Kampungh Halaman.

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Filmmaker(s): Soul Brothers – SMA Kolese de Britto
Location: Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2. Title:
Filmmaker(s): Sherin, Wisnu, Theo, Eros
Location: Tangerang, Indonesia
3. Title: 17 years Old and Above
Filmmaker(s): Elinah, Rukoyah, Wasiah, Cariah
Location: Indramayu, Indonesia
4. Title: Bongseng
Filmmaker(s): Patrick, Armando, Andri, Yuwono
Location: Tangerang, Indonesia